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Commission proposes a new EU instrument to limit excessive gas price spikes

The Commission has proposed a Market Correction Mechanism to protect EU businesses and households from episodes of excessively high gas prices in the EU. This mechanism complements measures to reduce gas demand and ensure security of supply through diversification of energy supplies.

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School buses for Ukraine

The Commission is calling on public and private entities in the EU and beyond to join forces and show solidarity, by donating in the coming months buses that are essential to bring Ukrainian children safely back to their schools.

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COP27: EU launches Forest Partnerships with five partner countries

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen signed five Memoranda of Understanding for a Forest Partnership with Guyana, Mongolia, the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Zambia. The partnership aims at reversing deforestation in supported countries.

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Building an economic governance framework fit for the challenges ahead

The European Commission has adopted a Communication setting out orientations for a simpler, more transparent and effective EU economic governance framework to strengthen debt sustainability and enhance sustainable and inclusive growth through investment and reforms.

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European Green Deal: Commission proposes rules for cleaner air and water

The Commission proposes stronger rules on ambient air, surface and groundwater pollutants, and treatment of urban wastewater. The new rules provide clear return on investment thanks to benefits in health, energy savings, food production, industry and biodiversity.

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EU leaders reach a deal on energy

In the face of Russia’s weaponisation of energy, the EU remains united to protect its citizens and businesses. The Council agreed that efforts to reduce demand, to ensure security of supply, and to lower energy prices need to be accelerated and intensified.

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Main messages from the Tripartite Social Summit

EU leaders and social partners met at the Tripartite Social Summit to discuss the assessment of the impact of the war on the current socio-economic situation, measures to tackle the energy crisis as well as the economic and social support measures to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.