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EU-Korea summit: Joint statement reaffirms bilateral cooperation

Following the 10th summit between the EU and the Republic of Korea in Seoul on 22 May, EU leaders issued a joint statement with Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol calling for greater cooperation between the two sides in the areas of peace and stability, sustainable development, and mutual prosperity.

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Meta fined €1.2 billion for Facebook data transfer

Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (Meta IE) has been fined 1.2 billion euro following an inquiry into its Facebook service, by the Irish Data Protection Authority (IE DPA). The fine is the largest GDPR fine ever and was imposed for Meta’s transfers of users’ personal data to the US.

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A simpler, smarter and safer Customs Union

The Commission proposed the most ambitious and comprehensive reform of the EU Customs Union since its establishment. The proposals massively simplify customs processes for business, and empower authorities with the resources needed to properly assess and stop imports that pose a risk to the EU.

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Celebrating a year of REPowerEU achievements

One year ago the EU presented REPowerEU, in response to the energy crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It's helped to prevent energy shortages in the EU, to diversify away from Russia to reliable partners, and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

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Spring 2023 Economic Forecast: EU economy shows improved growth outlook

In a better-than-expected start to the year, the growth outlook for the EU economy has risen to 1.0% in 2023 and 1.7% in 2024. Lower energy prices, abating supply constraints and a strong labour market contributed to this moderate growth that dispel fears of a recession.

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Parliament moves towards new rules on Artificial Intelligence

The European Parliament moved a step closer to approving the world’s first rules on Artificial Intelligence by endorsing new transparency and risk-management rules for AI systems. Once approved in June, the rules could see bans on biometric surveillance, emotion recognition and predictive policing.

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Welcome to the European Year of Skills

The European Year of Skills, launched on 9 May 2023, aims to address existing skills gaps by helping people get the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The year kicks off with a festival, one of many events scheduled throughout the year.

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EU Council agrees on €1 billion support for Ukraine

The EU Council has adopted an assistance measure for Ukraine worth €1 billion, under the European Peace Facility. The funds will go towards strengthening Ukraine's capabilities to defend its sovereignty and protect civilians against the ongoing Russian military aggression.

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European Central Bank (ECB) raises interest rates

The ECB has decided to raise interest rates by 25 basis points to tackle inflationary pressures across the eurozone. Inflation outlook continues to be too high and still far from the ECB's inflation target of 2% over the medium term. This raise will take effect from 10 May.

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Recommendation to combat online piracy of sports and other live events

The European Commission has adopted a Recommendation to combat online piracy of sports and other live events. The Recommendation will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the sport and creative industries and help Member States in the fight against illegal streaming.

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Stronger rules to fight corruption in the EU and worldwide

The European Commission has presented a set of proposals to fight against corruption in the EU and worldwide. They include new and strengthened rules criminalising corruption offences and harmonising penalties across the EU, as well as a dedicated Common Foreign and Security Policy sanctions regime.

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Boosting EU defence industry capacity in ammunition production

The European Commission has proposed to allocate €500 million and implement new measures to deliver ammunition to Ukraine and help Member States refill their stocks. The Act in Support of Ammunition Production will strengthen the defence industry and ensure the supply of ammunition in Europe.

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The Daphne Caruana Galizia Prize for Journalism - Apply by 31 July 2023

The European Parliament has launched the call for submissions for entries to the Daphne Caruana Galizia Prize for Journalism, to mark World Press Freedom Day. Every year, the prize rewards outstanding journalism that promotes or defends the core principles and values of the European Union.

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Ending fast fashion: tougher rules to fight excessive production and consumption

Environment Committee MEPs have adopted recommendations to tackle fast fashion, and ensure that textiles are produced in a sustainable and socially fair way. MEPs say textiles sold in the EU should be more durable, easier to reuse, mainly made of recycled materials, and free of hazardous substances.