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  • Press release

San Cristóbal de La Laguna wins 2024 Access City Award

The Spanish city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna has received the 2024 Access City Award, for advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities. More specifically, the award recognised its work in prioritising accessibility across urban spaces, transportation systems, and social activities.

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Deal on stronger press freedom and free speech protection

The EU has struck a deal on a law that would better protect journalists and human rights defenders against strategic lawsuits against public participation, or SLAPPs. These are increasingly being used to silence people who speak out on public interest issues.

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€145 million to boost to European volunteering activities in 2024

The European Solidarity Corps will get new funding worth €145 million in 2024. Thanks to this money, young people across the EU and beyond will be able to volunteer in projects on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, democratic participation and health.

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Improved rights for EU travellers

Passenger rights will be reinforced, thanks to new Commission proposals. The updates to existing travel legislation would reaffirm the right of passengers to get refunded within 14 days; give them more clarity on who will reimburse their airline tickets and access to better information.

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New ways to fight migrant smuggling

Every year, thousands of lives are lost because of migrant smuggling. To fight this deadly criminal activity, the Commission has launched the Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling and proposed updating EU rules to prevent and fight migrant smuggling.

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86 million fake items worth more than €2 billion seized in the EU in 2022

In 2022, the European Union detained around 86 million counterfeit items. The estimated value of these items exceeded €2 billion, reflecting a 3% increase from the previous year. The top five detained products included games, packaging material, toys, cigarettes, and recorded CDs/DVDs.

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EU calls for end of violence against women

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the EU renews its commitment to eradicate violence against women and girls in the EU and beyond. More than 3,000 women are killed each year in Europe by partners or family members, and countless more are harmed and harassed.

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EU will enforce stricter rules for waste shipments

A new agreement on waste shipments will ensure that the EU takes greater responsibility for its waste. Export of plastic waste to third countries will be prohibited while shipping waste for recycling within the EU will be easier.

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New EU rules help fight environmental crime

A newly agreed EU law will help investigate and prosecute environmental crime in the EU. It defines environmental crime more precisely, adds new offences and harmonises penalties across the EU.

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New EU law to curb methane emissions in the EU and globally

Less methane will be emitted by the energy sector in Europe and globally, thanks a new EU law. It will oblige the fossil gas, oil and coal industry to properly measure, monitor and report their methane emissions, and take action to reduce them. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.

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Reinforcing legal migration to help Europe thrive

Amidst an ageing EU population and more and more green and digital jobs that need new skills, European employers are struggling to find the workers they need. That is why the Commission has put forward three actions that will make it easier for EU countries to attract the best talent from abroad.

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Share your opinion on the EU Solidarity Corps to help shape its future

Share your views on the European Solidarity Corps – the EU programme helping young people take part in projects that benefit communities, either abroad or in their own country - in an EU public consultation which launched today. The consultation will stay open until February 5, 2024.

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European Parliament and Council agree on Nature Restoration Law

The European Parliament and the Council have agreed on the Nature Restoration Law, which once finally adopted, will be a key contribution to reaching climate neutrality by 2050. It will also set in motion a process for the sustained recovery of nature across the EU's land and sea.

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European Parliament paves way for new EU ‘own resources’ revenue

MEPs have voted in favour of introducing new sources of income for the EU budget: revenue from emissions trading, the EU carbon border adjustment mechanism, and on corporate profits. The new funds would repay debts from EU recovery fund borrowing. The Member States now have to endorse this proposal.

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Agreement reached on the European digital identity wallet

The Council and the European Parliament have agreed on the framework for the new European digital identity wallet. It will let citizens prove their identity and share e-documents with a click of a button on their mobile phone, as well as access online services with their national eID across Europe.