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EU joint undertaking

Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking

Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking


  • Role: developing innovative technologies to cut aircraft emissions of CO2 & other gases & reduce noise
  • Director: Axel Krein
  • Partners: European Commission, the aeronautics industry (including small and medium businesses), research centres, academia
  • Established in: 2021
  • Number of staff: 42
  • Location: Brussels (Belgium)
  • Website: Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking

The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking (CAJU) is a successful public-private partnership between the European Commission and the European aeronautics industry that is on the way to achieving its environmental performance targets. 

It follows on from its predecessor programme, the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking (see Regulation (EU) 2021/2085).

What it does

The clean aviation technologies that this programme are developing will enable future aircraft to:

  • cut fuel burn & related CO2 emissions by 20-30%
  • cut noise levels.

Who benefits?

  • The public – thanks to less noise pollution and lower emissions, better travel options and improved industrial competitiveness in Europe.
  • The economy - aeronautics is among the EU's most successful industries. Clean Aviation will help shape a European labour force able to develop the cutting-edge technology necessary to remain on top of the market.
  • Small & medium-sized businesses - growing numbers of such firms are getting involved through calls for project proposals offered under Clean Aviation. This opens up new opportunities for them and new potential supply chains for established industry players. 
  • Scientific community & academia - Clean Aviation offers ways of speeding up the application of novel technologies. It gives industry and science a chance to jointly address challenges and priorities.


Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking

Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking
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