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Fight against cancer: new measures to prevent cancer through vaccination

About 40% of cancer cases in the EU are preventable. Safe and effective vaccines exist and could save a lot of lives.
The Commission has therefore put forward new recommendations to support Member States in their efforts to prevent cancer through vaccination, as part of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan.

Winter drinks
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Consumer information rules on ‘breakfast’ foodstuffs to be revised

Information for consumers on honey, fruit jams, fruit juices and dehydrated milk is set to be updated thanks to newly agreed EU rules. The current rules on the composition, labelling, and naming of these ‘breakfast’ foodstuffs will be revised to help us make more informed and healthier choices.

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The Commission pays tribute to Jacques Delors

On 31 January, the European Commission will pay tribute to Jacques Delors in a ceremony at the Commission headquarters in Brussels. President von der Leyen and other high-level guests will commemorate this great European who shaped and greatly contributed to the European project.

Water consuption 
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New rules for effective treatment and monitoring of urban wastewater

The European Parliament and the Council have struck a deal on new rules for the effective treatment and monitoring of urban wastewater. The rules will see new standards applied to micropollutants that will protect human health and lead to cleaner rivers, lakes, groundwater and seas in Europe.

View of the container port
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New tools to reinforce the EU’s economic security

Amidst growing geopolitical tensions and profound technological shifts, the Commission has put forward proposals to strengthen the EU's economic security in the areas of trade and research. It will do so while ensuring the EU remains an open and attractive destination for business and investment.

Social Europe - The European Pillar of Social Rights
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A stronger voice for workers in EU-based multinational companies

Workers will be better represented in EU-based multinational companies thanks to new rules for so-called European Works Councils, which represent nearly 11.3 million EU employees on transnational issues. The new rules would give employees equal rights to request the creation of a new council.

Supporting survivors of sexual and gender-based violence to heal and work again
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Stronger rules to fight against human trafficking agreed

The Council and the Parliament have reached an agreement to add forced marriage, illegal adoption and surrogacy as types of exploitation covered by the EU’s anti-trafficking law and criminalise them. The new rules will strengthen victims' support and assistance, and prevention.

Person on the beach at Bodo, aerial view of ice rink in Tartu, city hall in Bad Ischl
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Three new European Capitals of Culture in 2024

The cities of Bad Ischl in Austria, Bodø in Norway and Tartu in Estonia are 2024’s European Capitals of Culture. They are showcasing their cities through their own cultural programmes filled with events, exhibitions and projects with a European angle.

Presidents walking
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Belgium to assume the presidency of the Council of the EU

The Belgian presidency will work towards better protecting European citizens, strengthening our cooperation, and preparing our shared future. It will focus on six thematic areas, and will provide particular attention to maintaining our unwavering support to Ukraine.

euro landscape
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The Euro turns 25

On 1 January 1999, the euro emerged as the official currency for a coalition of nations, fostering greater economic integration and stability across Europe. Over the years, the euro has facilitated seamless cross-border transactions, bolstered trade, and solidified the EU's economic unity.

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Europe welcomes new world-class supercomputer

A supercomputer that can make 314 million billion calculations per second has been inaugurated at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain. Owned by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking, MareNostrum 5 is also the greenest supercomputer in Europe.

Pakistan: Healthcare services continued in Afghan refugee camps amid coronavirus outbreak 
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Asylum and migration deal: more solidarity and responsibility sharing

Today, the EU has reached a long-awaited agreement to revamp the European asylum and migration legislation. The new rules touch upon all stages of asylum and migration management, making it more effective and increasing the solidarity and cooperation among EU countries.

Close-up portrait of a European wolf in the snow. Predator with closed eyes in a relaxed state. Winter day. Meditation.
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Proposal to downgrade protection status of wolves

The Commission proposes to change the status of wolves from ‘strictly protected' to ‘protected' based on new data on increased populations and impacts in some European regions. To manage critical wolf concentrations more actively, local authorities need more flexibility, funding and guidance.

A woman wearing thick, long-sleeved clothes puts her hands on the radiator
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EU countries agree to keep on helping to reduce energy bills

The Council has agreed to extend emergency measures adopted last year following Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. These measures enhance solidarity between Member States, accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and protect EU citizens from excessively high energy prices.