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Latest news from EU institutions and bodies (892)

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  • 8. listopadu 2023

Key findings of the 2023 Report on Albania

As regards political criteria, regular local elections on 14 May 2023 were conducted in a generally calm manner. Observers assessed them as well-administered, competitive and with the participation of key political actors. Concerns relate to the misuse of state resources, claims of pressure on public sector workers and voters, and allegations of vote buying. A low turnout of only 38.2% was registered.
  • 8. listopadu 2023

Key findings of the 2023 Report on Türkiye

There are serious deficiencies in the functioning of Türkiye's democratic institutions. Democratic backsliding continued during the reporting period. Structural deficiencies in the presidential system remained in place.
  • 8. listopadu 2023

ESMA publishes latest edition of its newsletter

ESMA publishes latest edition of its newsletter 08 November 2023 ESMA newsletter The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor, has today published its latest edition of the Spotlight on Markets Newsletter.  Your one-stop-shop in the world of EU financial markets focused in October on the preparations for a smooth transition to the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) and the expectations from entities providing cryptos and from national authorities. ESMA Chair, Verena Ross, called on Member States to designate without delay the competent authorities responsible for carrying out the functions and duties provided for under MiCA, and to consider limiting the optional grand-fathering period to 12-months should they choose to offer it in their jurisdictions.   In addition, ESMA, together with the European Banking Authority, published a Consultation Paper on two sets of joint guidelines under MiCA.   ESMA released several articles and studies:  exploring the use of language related to environmental, social and governance factors in EU investment fund names and documentation; on the European sustainable debt market, analysing the existence of an ESG pricing effect (‘the Greenium’) across different types of sustainable-labelled debt instruments; on market developments in decentralised finance and the smart contracts system; on natural gas future markets; and  of EEA share market structure since the application of MiFID II.  Others:  European Supervisory Authorities joint criteria on the independence of supervisory authorities;  ESMA expectations towards effective circuit breaker implementation; and  Temporary CCP collateral emergency measures.  A full overview of all publications can be found in the newsletter, together with information on next month’s speaking appearances of ESMA staff and vacancies. For updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. 08/11/2023 ESMA Newsletter Newsletter October 2023