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Флаг Европейского союза Флаг Европейского союза

Exchanging national currency

When you can exchange old currency

You can exchange your old national currency free of charge during a changeover period to the euro in your country. In some countries this period is limited, and in others there is no deadline.

From national currency to the euro

During the changeover process to the euro, national central banks gradually withdraw the national currency from circulation. This process includes a ‘dual circulation period’ where both euro and national currencies can circulate together as legal tender. During this period, retailers help remove the old currency by giving euro in change, and people can swap the old currency for euro at banks.

Exchanging at retail banks

High street banks allow you to exchange old currencies for euro during the dual circulation period, and sometimes longer. There can be time limits, and charges may apply after these expire. Restrictions may also apply on the amounts that you can exchange.

Exchanging at central banks

You can exchange your old currency at a central bank for a much longer period. Like retail banks, central banks might apply limits on the amount per transaction. Very old cash may not be exchangeable.

National exchange calendars

National central bankBanknotes untilCoins until
BelgiumUnlimitedExpired in 2004
CroatiaUnlimited31 December 2025
CyprusExpired in 2017Expired in 2009
FinlandExpired in 2012Expired in 2012
France Expired in 2012Expired in 2005
GreeceExpired in 2012Expired in 2004
ItalyExpired in 2012Expired in 2012
LuxembourgUnlimitedExpired in 2004
MaltaExpired in 2018Expired in 2010
Netherlands1 January 2032Expired in 2007
PortugalExpired in 2022Expired in 2002
SloveniaUnlimitedExpired in 2016
SlovakiaUnlimitedExpired in 2013
SpainExpired in 2020Expired in 2020


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