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The EU has a central contact service as well as a range of networks across the EU that provide information, services and support. You can use the ‘European Union around me’ map below to locate the EU centres active in your region and find out about the services they provide.

The ‘European Union around me’ map

Using the drop-down menus, you can select EU centres:

  • By geographical location – you can select the country and region where you would like to find an EU centre. If you click on the ‘geolocalise me’ button, all the EU centres near your current location will be displayed
  • By network – you can choose to have one or several EU networks shown on the map
  • By keyword – you can select a specific topic to find the EU centres that are best suited to answer your query.

You can then click on any of the EU centres on the map (marked with coloured dots) to get their contact details and information on their services.

Detailed description of EU centres

General EU centres

Other EU centres

Depending on their specific mandates, other EU centres belonging to more specialised networks can provide a range of other services. See some examples of these services below.

The lists of networks below are not exhaustive: you may find more EU centres on the map.