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EU made easy

Handy publications (leaflets, booklets, slides, maps) that explain how the EU works, from the euro and law to history and travel.

Get up to speed with all the essential information on the European Union, including its history, its actions on different topics, and how they benefit citizens.
Learn what the EU is and does in different areas – from climate change and jobs to health and trade – to improve people's lives in Europe and beyond.
Discover the women and men – from resistance fighters and politicians to a world-famous actor – who inspired the creation of the EU we live in today.
Learn more about the origins of the European Union and how it works, with this definitive guide on the EU’s legal order.
This comprehensive set of PowerPoint slides provides a flexible aid for teachers and speakers preparing presentations about the EU.
This leaflet explains how young people can make their voice heard by participating in elections or debating ideas with peers and policymakers.
Explore Europe with this map-leaflet containing useful tips and information for travelling in the EU – the perfect guide to stress-free travel.
This useful wallchart contains a map of the EU and information (currency, capital, area, population) on all 27 Member States.