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EU solidarity with Ukraine

The EU stands united in its solidarity with Ukraine, following Russia's war of aggression. The EU will continue to support Ukraine and its people together with its international partners.
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This is NextGenerationEU. This is more than a recovery plan. It is a once in a lifetime chance to emerge stronger from the pandemic, transform our economies, create opportunities and jobs for the Europe where we want to live.

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Energy efficient residential house
  • Press release

Reducing the emissions and energy use of buildings across the EU

The Council and Parliament have reached a new agreement on strengthening the energy performance of buildings. Phasing out fossil fuel boilers, renovating the worst-performing buildings and making new ones solar-ready will lower energy bills, cut emissions and boost Europe's energy independence.

A child and a dog playing on the floor
  • Press release

New rules to improve animal welfare

The European Commission has today proposed new rules to improve the welfare of dogs and cats in the EU, and the conditions for animals during transport. It has also responded to a citizens' initiative 'Fur Free Europe' to ban fur farming in the EU.

Jews And Palestinian Peace Walk In Cologne: local residents shows their solidarity with the victims both side and take a peace walk and demand to stop the war and return the hostage, November2023
  • News article

No place for hate: new ways of tackling hatred in Europe

In the wake of alarming increases in hate speech and hate crime, as a result of the crisis in the Middle East, the Commission has put forward a proposal to step up efforts to tackle hatred in all its forms in the EU. It will do this through various policies, including culture, digital and sport.