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Decentralised agency

European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust)

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  • Role: helps national authorities cooperate to combat terrorism and serious organised crime involving more than one EU country
  • Administrative Director: Evert van Walsum
  • Members: College of Eurojust, one national member from each country
  • Established in: 2002
  • Number of staff: 270
  • Location: The Hague (the Netherlands)
  • Website: Eurojust

The European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) facilitates judicial coordination and cooperation between national authorities by giving hands-on support to prosecutors in the fight against serious cross-border crime and terrorism.

What it does

Eurojust helps EU member countries combat terrorism and serious organised crime by offering a number of services, including:

  • coordinating investigations and prosecutions involving at least 2 countries
  • helping to resolve conflicts of jurisdiction
  • facilitating the drafting and implementation of EU legal instruments, such as European Arrest Warrants, European Investigation Orders and confiscation and freezing orders / certificates.

To do this, Eurojust:

  • organises coordination meetings
  • helps to set up and fund joint investigation teams (JITs)
  • organises coordination centres from which joint action days against criminal networks are steered in real time
  • maintains a global network of Liaison Prosecutors and Contact Points, offering access to jurisdictions around the world.

It also hosts the Secretariats of the European Judicial Network (EJN), the Network of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs Network) and the Network for investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes (Genocide Network). In addition, Eurojust supports focus groups of specialised prosecutors on migrant smuggling and on trafficking in human beings, and implements several programmes and projects, such as EuroMed Justice, the IPC Project and WB CRIM JUST.

Who benefits

The national authorities are Eurojust’s main partners. The Agency links prosecutors, law enforcement authorities and other actors, enabling them to fight serious cross-border crime and terrorism. Ultimately, it is EU citizens who benefit, as the work of Eurojust contributes to a safer Europe for everyone.

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European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation

European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation
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