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Decentralised agency

Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO)

Community Plant Variety Office - Logo


  • Role: managing the EU plant variety rights system
  • President: Francesco Mattina
  • Set up: 1995
  • Staff: 50
  • Location: Angers (France)
  • Website: CPVO

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) encourages innovation in plant varieties by meticulously processing applications for Community plant variety rights at affordable costs, while giving its stakeholders policy guidance on and assistance with exercising these rights. Protecting new plant varieties throughout the EU helps uphold breeders' interests and ensures that their investments in research and innovation are profitable.

What it does

  • Grant intellectual property rights to new plant varieties, valid in the EU countries for 25 years (30 years for species of potatoes, vines and trees).
  • Provide its stakeholders with policy guidance on and assistance with exercising these rights.

Who benefits

The main target groups are:

  • plant breeders
  • growers
  • the general public.

Further information

Official Gazette of the CPVO

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Community Plant Variety Office

Community Plant Variety Office
cpvoatcpvo [dot] europa [dot] eu
Phone number
+33 2 41 25 64 00
Fax number
+33 2 41 25 64 10
Postal address

3 boulevard Maréchal Foch 02
49101 Angers

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