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Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

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What it does

The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) is a public-private partnership with a double mission to:

  • foster Europe’s technology sovereignty in 6G  
  • boost 5G deployment in Europe 

The SNS JU funds research and innovation (R&I) projects to strengthen Europe’s industrial position in the global smart networks and services value chain. It pools EU and industrial resources to accelerate the development of secure, energy-efficient smart networks and services technologies.

It shapes a strategic R&I roadmap and deployment agenda to make the EU 6G vision a technological and business reality. The SNS JU targets a massive digitalisation of societal and business processes through intelligent and sustainable connectivity across the human, physical and digital worlds. 

The SNS JU aims to lead the conception, development, and standardisation of next generation connectivity technologies and encourage early market adoption of 6G by the end of the decade. To do so, it works with a critical mass of European stakeholders and facilitates international cooperation on various 6G initiatives. 

The SNS JU also aligns with EU countries on 6G R&I programmes and ensures strategic coordination to boost advanced 5G deployment in Europe.

Who benefits

Any business or research organisation in the EU and other countries associated to the Horizon Europe programme benefits from the SNS JU's work. 

More specifically: 

-    a wide range of industrial players and small and medium-sized companies, including not only the telecommunications industry, but also those working in the Internet of Things, cloud, components and devices, and vertical industries, such as transport, logistics, energy, manufacturing, Industry 4.0, media, education, healthcare and smart agriculture

-    any research organisation or university that helps advance European technological and scientific excellence to shape and master 6G systems

Society as a whole benefits from future new applications, such as extended reality sensing, telepresence and collaborative robotics. 6G should contribute to the next generation of safe, secure, trustworthy, inclusive and sustainable smart networks and services in Europe.  

Further information

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Latest news 

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Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking
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