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European School of Administration (EuSA)

Logo of European School of Administration


  • Role: The mission of the European School of Administration is to provide high quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of all EU institutions and their staff.
  • Head: Anna Mitelman
  • Established in: 2005
  • Number of staff: 20
  • Location: Brussels and Luxembourg
  • WebsiteEuropean School of Administration 

What it does

The European School of Administration provides learning opportunities for EU staff. The learning offer includes:

  • Management and leadership development programmes
  • Newcomer's training courses
  • Certification: a procedure whereby officials can move from the assistant function group (AST) to the administrator function group (AD)
  • Key Skills training for EU staff (including resilience courses and workshops)
  • Erasmus for Public Administration programme: short study visits for young national civil servants from EU countries whose jobs involve EU matters.
  • DISPA: a network of Member States’ Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration, as well as the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA). The EU institutions are represented by the European School of Administration and the Learning and Development unit of the European Commission. The purpose of this network is to promote cooperation and exchange of good practice in the area of training for public servants.

Who benefits? 

Staff of the EU institutions and agencies benefit from this learning offer, which helps EU staff to grow professionally, develop new skills and, ultimately, fulfil their potential. 

Further information

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European School of Administration

European School of Administration
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European School of Administration, Rue Philippe le Bon, 3 (PLB3 06), 1000 Bruxelles/Brussels, Belgium
Rue Adolphe Fischer 135 (FISR), 1521, Luxembourg
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