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Facts and figures on the European Union economy

How big is the EU economy?

The European Union operates as a single market made up of 27 countries.

The total value of all goods and services produced (gross domestic product or GDP) in the EU in 2021 was € 14.5 trillion.


The EU27 accounts for around 14% of the world’s trade in goods. The EU, China and the United States are the three largest global players in international trade.

Source: Eurostat


In 2021, the EU accounted for € 4 300 billion in total global trade. Intra-EU trade was valued at € 6 786 billion in 2021.

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Employment and equality

The employment rate is the proportion of the working-age population in employment.

Source: Eurostat


The unemployment rate is the number of out-of-work people expressed as a percentage of the total labour force. Both the unemployment rate and the size of the labour force are key indicators of labour-market trends.

Source: Eurostat


The unadjusted gender pay gap is the difference between the average, gross, hourly earnings of male employees and female employees. It is expressed as a percentage of the average, gross, hourly earnings of male employees. It is based on all employees working in firms with 10 or more employees.

Source: Eurostat