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EU interinstitutional service

European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)

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  • Role: Organises high-quality selection procedures to select staff for the EU institutions, bodies and agencies
  • Director: Minna Vuorio
  • Established in: 2002
  • Number of staff: 127
  • Location: Brussels (with an office in Luxembourg)
  • Website:European Personnel Selection Office

What it does

EPSO organises open competitions and selection procedures to recruit candidates for EU institutions, bodies and agencies, such as the:

  • European Parliament
  • Council of the European Union
  • European Commission
  • European Court of Justice
  • European Court of Auditors
  • European External Action Service
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • European Committee of the Regions
  • European Data Protection Supervisor
  • European Ombudsman.

EPSO processes some 45,000 applications a year for approximately 800 permanent positions. In addition, it manages a database of over 70,000 registered candidates for approximately 600 contractual positions a year.

EPSO often shares best practice with international organisations such as the UN, NATO and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Who benefits?

The main beneficiaries of EPSO’s work are the EU recruiting services, as well as prospective candidates for positions in the EU institutions, bodies and agencies. They benefit from EPSO’s fair, transparent and efficient selection procedures, which enable the EU institutions, bodies and agencies to recruit the right person for the right job, at the right time.

It is more efficient and cost-effective to have a single office recruit staff than have each EU institution, body and agency organise its own selection procedures or competitions.

Further information

Jobs with the EU institutions and agencies

Traineeships with EU institutions and agencies


European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)

European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)
Phone number
+ 32 (0) 2 299 11 11
Postal address
25, Avenue du Cortenbergh, 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel, Belgium
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